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  • Yura Yura. Rumu Namba. CD.
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Yura Yura. Rumu Namba. CD.

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Product Description

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The primordial force of the rhythm, the physical appeal of repetition, the organic texture of noisy debris - over three years went into the production of Yura Yura’s sophomore album, and “Rumu Namba” shows Grégory Yura taking his unique rhythm’n’noise style to new frontiers: Tracks in a slow and grinding pace, rich with atmosphere and otherworldly samples, and yet yielding a number of tunes for the dance floor. Yura Yura stands for a timeless sound in a totally up-to-date production, addressing mystery, alchemy and angst, resulting in music that’s sensual, spiritual and modern at the same time.

Track Listing

01 Helm
02 Cavale
03 Paoma
04 Nigra
05 Shamdead
06 La Mort
07 Alma
08 Vlad
09 Following
10 Jäger
11 Eko
12 Vespéral
13 Asil
14 Morder
15 Antimon