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  • Yoko Ono. Fly. 2LP White Vinyl.

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Yoko Ono. Fly. 2LP Black Vinyl.

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Fly is the second album by Yoko Ono, produced by her and John Lennon, and released in 1971. Notable songs include the singles "Midsummer New York" and "Mrs. Lennon", "Hirake" aka "Open Your Box" and "Don't Worry, Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)", dedicated to Ono's daughter Kyoko Cox. "Airmale" is the soundtrack to Lennon's film Erection, showing a building being erected in time lapsed photography,[1] while "Fly" is the soundtrack to Ono's film Fly.

Product Videos

Yoko Ono- Mind Holes (02:48)
"Mind Holes", by Yoko Ono, from the 1971 avant-garde album, "Fly".
  • Yoko Ono- Mind...
    "Mind Holes", by Yoko Ono, from the 1971 avant-garde album, "F...

Track Listing

1. Midsummer New York
2. Mindtrain
3. Mind Holes
4. Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking for a Hand in the Snow)
5. Mrs. Lennon
6. Hirake
7. Toilet Piece / Unknown
8. O’Wind (Body Is the Scar of Your Mind)
9. Airmale
10. Don’t Count the Waves
11. You
12. Fly
13. Telephone Piece
14. Between the Takes (Bonus Track)
15. Will You Touch Me (Bonus Track)
16. The Path (Bonus Track)
17. Head Play (Medley: You/Airmale/Fly) [Bonus Track]