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Xandria. India (Re-issue).

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XANDRIA have returned! The most successful German goth rock act featuring a "female voice" are back with a vengeance, following the reissue of their bestseller Ravenheart. Entitled India, the recording was again produced by Jose Alvarez-Brill (Wolfsheim , among others), and even though XANDRIA aficionados are getting what they expect, some things are "different". The songwriting on India is a lot more "contemporary", the guitars, still gently emphasized on Ravenheart, have undeniably gained significance. India pushes ahead and explodes, epic bombast rock meeting metal guitars and vocalist Lisa's irresistible charm. Although the title, India, implies that what we have here is a concept album with an oriental leitmotif, this is in fact not quite the case. Basically, India is a synonym for the quest for meaning and the great aims of life, a theme which runs throughout the whole album. "As a result of his search for India, Columbus achieved something very different to what he expected," explains band founder, Marco. "That's the way things frequently are. Going through life, you have a lot of goals, and on your path to achieving these goals you encounter things that may turn out to be much more important and greater than your original goal." Next to numerous crushers like the title track India with its Nightwish leanings, or the almost frighteningly oppressive Widescreen, XANDRIA's single release In Love with the Darkness proves that they have held on to their feel for great melodies. In Love with the Darkness is an anthem for the constantly growing gothic community and impresses with catchy hooklines and a considerable amount of hit appeal. On India, the five musicians from Bielefeld rock for all they're worth, letting their bombastic sound run free and even enlisting a real string section this time around, instead of relying on taped material. Numerous string passages feature the renowned Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg, who also contributed the music to the blockbuster movie, Schindler's List, and have worked with other top acts like Rammstein and Rosenstolz. Not only is this orchestral bombast – so characteristic of XANDRIA – allowed to blossom, their love of Irish folk music also shines through again clearly on tracks such as Like a Rose on the Grave of Love or The End of Every Story. This haunting authenticity may, among other things, be due to the fact that a popular Irish folk band was enlisted. And the five certainly aren't content with restricting themselves to bombastic elements, as many other bands seem to be doing at the moment, but have created a veritable treasure chest of musical fantasies: bombast is fine, but only where the dramaturgy demands it. Instead, there is a lot of diversity, one of the band's trademarks, thanks to quiet atmospheric parts, progressive Seventies sounds or songwriting inspired by several decades of rock history. India is definitely a great album. XANDRIA continue on their chosen path, and it will be interesting to see where it will lead them. Released on Artoffact.

Track Listing

1. India
2. Now & Forever
3. In Love With The Darkness
4. Fight Me
5. Black & Silver
6. Like A Rose On The Grave Of Love
7. Widescreen
8. The End Of Every Story
9. Who We Are
10. Dancer
11. Winterhearted
12. Return To India