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  • Wumpscut. DJ Dwarf XIII. CD.
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Wumpscut. DJ Dwarf XIII. CD.

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Product Description

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DJ Dwarf XIII is the companion to the new :Wumpscut: album Madman Szpital. The DJ Dwarf Series, originally released only to European DJs, is an ongoing set of remix albums and EPs released in conjunction with new :Wumpscut: material. Featuring all new and exclusive remixes and edits from such names as Turmyte, Schramm, Sinthetik Messiah, Airforge, and :Wumpscut: himself, and :W: himself, DJ Dwarf XIII stands as a worthy companion to :Wumpscut:’s new album, Madman Szpital.

Track Listing

01. Madman Szpital (Dubbydub Remix by Wumpscut)
02. Der Liebe Gott Sieht Alles (AR Remix)
03. Gabi Grausam (Nigen Remix)
04. Tod Essen Leben Auf (Schramm Remix)
05. Madman Szpital (Airforge Remix)
06. Madman Szpital (XL Instinct Primal Remix)
07. Ich Bin Der Tod (XSRY Remix)
08. Gabi Grausam (LD210 Remix)
09. Madman Szpital (Skon Remix)
10. We Are Immortal (Turmyte Remix)
11. Tod Essen Leben Auf (Nigen Remix)
12. Gabi Grausam (Sinthetik Messiah Remix)
13. Gabi Grausam (Amazingmono Remix)
14. Gabi Grausman (R@zorbla.de Remix)