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  • Wumpscut. DJ Dwarf XII. CD.
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Wumpscut. DJ Dwarf XII. CD.

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Product Description

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DJ Dwarf XII is the companion to the new :Wumpscut: album Women and Satan First. The DJ Dwarf Series, originally released only to European DJs, is an ongoing set of remix albums and EPs released in conjunction with new :Wumpscut: material. Featuring all new and exclusive remixes and edits from such names as Cynical Front, Switchface, Advent Resilience, Memmaker, Solitary Experiments, and :W: himself, DJ Dwarf XII stands as a worthy companion to :Wumpscut:’s new album, Women and Satan First.

Product Videos

:Wumpscut: - Kill That Little Fuck (RAW Brainfucker Mix) (Next Album Women and Satan First 2012) (03:15)
- Neues/nächtest:W: album wird den Namen WOMEN AND SATAN FIRST tragen +++ - Produktionsstart ist übermorgen - Cover/Grafikproduktion wird von www.herrbuchta.de ab dem frühen Oktober 2011 ausgeführt - Veröffentlichungdatum wird der 6. April 2012 (Karfreitag) - Vorbestellung ab Weihnachten 2011 hier auf www.wumpscut.com - Remix Contest startet im Dezember 2011 auf www.wumpscut.com - Eure Vorschläge für die Inhalte der Box wie immer an rudyr@gmx.de
  • :Wumpscut: - K...
    - Neues/nächtest:W: album wird den Namen WOMEN AND SATAN FIRST...
  • :Wumpscut: - G...
    - New/next :W: album will be called WOMEN AND SATAN FIRST +++ ...

Track Listing

01. Women And Satan First
02. Grobian (Dwarf Edit)
03. Hallelujah (Dwarf Edit)
04. Bloodsport (Wumpscut Remix)
05. Burial On Demand (Splitter Remix)
06. Cunnilingus Creutzfeuer (Memmaker Remix)
07. Grobian (Reiz Remix)
08. Burial On Demand (Cynical Front Remix)
09. Grobian (Switchface Remix)
10. Grobian (Advent Resilience Remix)
11. Burial On Demand (Advent Resilience Remix)
12. Kill That Little Fuck (Advent Resilience Remix)
13. Wreath Of Barbs (Solitary Experiments Remix)