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  • Wumpscut. Boeses Junges Fleisch (14 Year Edition). 3CD.
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Wumpscut. Boeses Junges Fleisch (14 Year Edition). 3CD.

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Product Description

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New edition of the classic 1999 album ‘Boeses Junges Fleisch/Eevil Young Flesh’, coming in DVD- sized digi3CD-box and featuring the original album from 1999 + two full-length Bonus-CDs including remixes of the singles ‘Ich will Dich’ and ‘Totmacher/Deadmaker’ by (among others): VNV Nation, Suicide Commando, Covenant, Haujobb, Das Ich, Cleen, Aghast View, Forma Tadre, FAV and more!

Product Videos

Wumpscut - Vergib mir/Forgive Me (05:45)
Title: Vergib mir/Forgive MeArtist: WumpscutAlbum: Böses Junges Fleisch/Eevil Young Flesh (1999)
  • Wumpscut - Ver...
    Title: Vergib mir/Forgive MeArtist: WumpscutAlbum: Böses Junge...
  • Wumpscut - Ich...
    Artist: WumpscutTitel: Ich Will DichAlbum: Boeses Junges Fleis...
  • :Wumpscut: - W...
    Album: Böses Junges Fleisch (1999)

Track Listing

Tracks CD1:
01 Wolf
02 Totmacher
03 Ich will Dich
04 Flucht
05 Zerstörte Träume
06 Hexentanx
07 Draussen
08 Ewig
09 Vergib mir
10 Sag es jetzt
11 Sehnsucht

Track CD2:
01 Ich will Dich (Advent Resilience Remix)
02 Zerstoerte Traume (Instinct Primal Remix)
03 Totmacher (Advent Resilience Remix)
04 Totmacher (Grave Digger Party MegaMix)
05 Ich will Dich (Intro)
06 Ich will Dich (2006 Remix)
07 Ich will Dich (Slut Remix)
08 Ich will Dich (Harsh Remix)
09 Ich will Dich (Forma Tadre Remix)
10 Flucht (Das Ich Remix)

Tracks CD3:
01 Totmacher (Forma Tadre Remix)
02 Totmacher (FAV Remix)
03 Totmacher (Haujobb Remix)
04 Totmacher (Dr. Mabuse Remix)
05 Totmacher (Covenant Remix)
06 Totmacher (Notstandskomitee Moritat Remix)
07 Totmacher (Jugend Staat Remix)
09 Totmacher (Infact Remix 1)
10 Totmacher (Cleen Remix)
11 Totmacher (Puls Remix)
12 Totmacher (Suicide Commando Remix)
13 Totmacher (Aghast View Remix)
14 Totmacher (B-Ton-K Remix)
15 Totmacher (Infact Remix 2)
16 Totmacher (Notstandskomitee Knochenbeil Remix)
17 Totmacher (VNV Nation Remix)