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  • Wolfsheim. Casting Shadows (Magix Music Maker). 2CD.
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Wolfsheim. Casting Shadows (Magix Music Maker). 2CD.

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Product Description

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The final Wolfsheim album in a special 2CD edition. Wolfsheim has once again returned to the spotlight in 2003 with their much-anticipated follow-up, ''Casting Shadows.'' Wolfsheim blends retro-synth-pop with electro to create an elaborate concoction of emotions and feelings. ''Casting Shadows'' is an aural delight thanks to the excellent production from Axel Breitung (Echo award winning Best National Producer 2001), Peter Heppner's unmistakable vocals, and Marcus Reinhardt's innovative musical sequences. The soundtrack to a lifetime, Wolfsheim's ''Casting Shadows'' will capture the hearts of generations to come.

CD 2 contains a special Wolfsheim edition of the Magix Music Maker with original sounds of "Kein Zurück" and "Leave No Deed Undone"

Product Videos

Wolfsheim - Everyone Who Casts A Shadow (04:48)
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  • Wolfsheim - Ev...
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  • Wolfsheim - Ap...
    「¿DyscØrd InC.?」 Wolfsheim - Approaching Lightspeed "I try to ...

Track Listing

01. Everyone Who Casts a Shadow
02. Care For You
03. I Won't Believe
04. Kein Zuruck
05. And I...
06. Underneath the Veil
07. Find You're Gone
08. This is for Love
09. Wundervoll
10. Approaching Lightspeed
11. in Time

CD2: Wolfsheim Edition
CD-ROM Magix Music Maker [Software]