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Wisp. Honor Beats. CD.

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Product Description

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Wisp brings back the fractal speed breaks and sky painted melodies this time in a much more upbeat fashion with his latest 8 track album "HONOR BEATS". Leaving behind the gentle headiness of his smasher debut "Nrthndr" for super charged rave style assaults this essential and uncompromising new album does not dissapoint to follow up Wisp's hugely successful debut release. HONOR BEATS is another unmissable, tight and headwrecking album from one of the best new producers in electronic music. Released on Sublight Records and available June 30th, 2006.<

Track Listing

1. Beadumægen
2. Hnipian
3. Lyftgeswenced
4. Drycræft
5. FoldBold (The Siege)
6. Clipian
7. Sceadugenga
8. Ealdgewyrht