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  • White Birches. When the Street Calls. CD.
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White Birches. When the Street Calls. CD.


Product Description

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White Birches have already made themselfs sort of a cult act within the Coldwave/Darkwave movement with their self-released debut album in 2015. Now it´s finally time for the follow up on a ‘real’ label. With the new album the band reaches even darker limits than on the debut, to create a very own and unique style of Cold/Darkwave. Mixing their distinct minimal electronic sound with noise and gothic influences, the album is strongly defined by the fantastic female vocals of Jenny Gabrielsson-Mare. It´s no doubt that this will be the next big export in the “scene” from Sweden! The band has chosen to present the album in the following way:

White Birches started working on the album in the summer of 2016 and from early on it was clear the duo wanted to look even further into the dark world of their debut album. Words like dystopia, powerlessness and apocalypse was always present. What if Trump would win the American president election? What if Europe is succumbed to the populists of the far right? What would the world look like then? White Birches wanted to paint a distorting mirror of a world where despots rule and those who do not fit in perishes. A dystopia.

Product Videos

White Birches "Howl" (Official video) (04:42)
"Howl" is taken from the upcoming album "When The Street Calls" (February 9th 2018). Pre-order the album: http://www.progress-productions.com/product/white-birches-when-the-street-calls/ The video is made by Jenny Gabrielsson Mare. Howl is written and produced by White Birches. Mixed and co-produced by Ruben Engzell at Ljudriket. Mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes at Svenska Grammofonstudion. All rights reserved, copyright control 2017 Progress Productions
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    "Howl" is taken from the upcoming album "When The Street Calls...

Track Listing

01 Trouble 02 Under My Spell 03 Howl 04 The River 05 False Prophets 06 Gravity 07 Decay 08 When the Street calls