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  • Whispering Sons. Endless Party. CD.
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Whispering Sons. Endless Party. CD.


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After the incredible success of the Vinyl on MINIMAL MAXIMAL (the first two prints being sold out in no time), Dirk Ivens finally gave in to many requests for a regular CD release of this surprising debut!

WHISPERING SONS is a Belgian post-punk band formed in 2013. Their dark sound breathes desperation and nervosity which translates into an ominous atmosphere.

Words from Thomas Thyssen (Pagan Love Songs): "On Thursday, February 9th, one of, if not *the* most promising and interesting band that has emerged out of the Post-Punk underground in the past two years, Whispering Sons from Belgium, is playing in Berlin for the very first time. If you haven't checked them out yet, I highly recommend to give their debut "Endless Party" an immediate listen."

Product Videos

Whispering Sons - Wall (05:39)
First single of 'Endless Party' EP, released 15 December on Wool-E Tapes. http://whisperingsons.bandcamp.com/ // http://www.facebook.com/WhisperingSons https://www.facebook.com/Wool.E.Tapes
  • Whispering Son...
    First single of 'Endless Party' EP, released 15 December on Wo...