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  • Weltschmerz. The Norwood Scale. CD.
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Weltschmerz. The Norwood Scale. CD.


Product Description

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WELTSCHMERZ is a newly established music project by Joost Gransjean, the mastermind behind Mono-Amine. As a basis for this new endeavour, Joost has used a feeling of melancholy towards humanity as a race for not reaching their full potential, a feeling of longing for a better world which will never come. Human decay and its consequences also became an important topic for this project's first album whose title 'The Norwood Scale' comes from the corresponding set of images depicting the different stages of male pattern hair loss. WELTSCHMERZ sonically is about the power that basic rhythmic music can have, a power that is beyond language - slow, moving and massive in its minimalism and strength of tone and flow. 'The Norwood Scale' features ten highly energetic tracks of repetitive concise beats and precisely positioned pad strikes underlaying hypnotic ambient noisescapes. Continual loops referring to technoid, experimental and industrial origins generate an irresistible undertow activating both body and mind. With his first opus WELTSCHMERZ presents a perfectly executed work of mesmeric minimalism mixed with power and force. Diagnose yourself using the norwood scale!

Track Listing

01 dht
02 anagen
03 catagen
04 shock follicle
05 blocking the conversion
06 regulating the growth
07 manipulating the activity
08 less is more
09 telogen
10 harsh reality