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  • We the North. Endemic. CD.
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We the North. Endemic. CD.


Product Description

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Scandinavian WE THE NORTH represents one of the best synthpopish revelations of this year. Electronically and emotionally intense, played with extreme technical accuracy and attention for melodies. This sensational debut 8-tracks EP is characterized by melancholic harmonies, en- hanced by superb vocal formulations and by artificial sounds that instantly conquer your heart. Nothing else can be further added to this description: to fully understand the artistic greatness of We The North is fundamental to get into direct contact with their music. If you really want a new electronic experience that will leave you amazed, seek and find this astonishing release that includes also spectacular remixes by TourdeForce, Mika Rossi, ES23 and I Parasite. Entertainment is absolutely guaranteed! Defining their musical sound as Nordic Noir, new ground is explored using classic electronic sounds. With an intentional and deliberate blending of the old with the new a melancholic hopefulness is created from the dark seasons of life in Scandinavia. Out of this is formed We The North.

Track Listing

01 Lost Inside
02 Endemic
03 Understand Me
04 Chrysalis
05 Understand Me (TourdeForce Remix)
06 Lost Inside (Mika Rossi Remix)
07 Understand Me (ES23 Remix)
08 Endemic (I Parasite Remix)

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