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  • Vomito Negro. Black Plague. CD.

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Vomito Negro. Black Plague. CD.

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Product Description

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Limited first Edition in Digipak! Vomito Negro's new Black Plague: once infected, there is no way back...

Legendary Belgian electro heroes Vomito Negro return with their new masterpiece "Black Plague". Arisen from the Darkness, Gin Devo & Sven Kadanza take you down to the ultimate playground of there fellow demons. Murderers, Monsters and Evil Spirits are knocking on the gates of hell. Black Plague unleashes the most haunted ghosts inside you.

Real analogue instruments driven to the limits by the vintage masters of Dark Electronics!

Product Videos

Vomito Negro "Black Plague" (04:04)
"Black Plague" is the title song from the forthcoming new Vomito Negro album, release date end 2016.
  • Vomito Negro "...
    "Black Plague" is the title song from the forthcoming new Vo...

Track Listing

01 Constantine's Death
02 Inside Your Brain
03 Black Plague
04 Sister Voodoo
05 Pagan Epitaphs
06 Thorn
07 Bone Cutter
08 Hungry Cannibals
09 Unleash my Demons