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  • VNV Nation. Of Faith, Power, & Glory. MP3.
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VNV Nation. Of Faith, Power, & Glory. MP3.


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Following on from the inaugral release on their self-owned label, the limited Boxset "Reformation 01", Irish/English duo VNV Nation are now set to release a new full-length album "Of Faith, Power, and Glory", bringing it to the nation via a coast to coast tour in June, July and beyond. VNV Nation have been frequently described as on of the most unique and passionate musical acts in the world of alternative music. Their energetic, profoundly emotive and insightful music has drawn fanatical audiences from around the world. The new album sees the band reach a whole new level musically. More soulful and raw than before, "Of Faith, Power and Glory" is set to be the band's strongest and most profoundly evocative release yet. As with all of VNV Nation's albums, the title describes the album's theme. In this case, it is a commentary on ourselves as individuals or on humanity as a whole. Faith, Power and Glory; three things that, in succession, can bring people to the greatest of heights and achievement, or that can corrupt and destroy. The artwork, created by renowned Polish graphic artist Michal Karz, represents the idealistic monuments humanity has built to its solemn, greatest hopes and, by contrast, so too its brutal extremes. VNV Nation has always expressed notions of self betterment and benevolence. In keeping with this, and using the opportunity afforded by their new, self-owned label, the band has chosen to ensure that the packaging for this and all future releases, will be 100% environmentally friendly, something that fans of the band will welcom, unreservedly. With over 160,000 catalogue sales in the US so far, sold out shows across the US, and a fanatical following worldwide, this release is set to become another big step in their success story.

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VNV Nation - The great divide (05:22)
Album: Of Faith, Power and Glory
  • VNV Nation - T...
    Album: Of Faith, Power and Glory

Track Listing

01 Pro Victoria
02 Sentinel
03 Tomorrow never comes
04 The Great Divide
05 Ghost
06 Art of Conflict
07 In defiance
08 Verum Aeternus
09 From my hands
10 Where there is light