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  • VNV Nation. Automatic. Vinyl Limited Clear/Transparent 2LP.

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VNV Nation. Automatic. Vinyl Limited Clear/Transparent 2LP.

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There was an error on the pressing of Disc 1 of the Automatic set.
Track 5, "Goodbye 20th Century", cuts off halfway through and then continues to the next track. It is otherwise a good pressing throughout all of the other tracks.

Here is what Ronan Harris says about it from the VNV Nation facebook:

"The German pressing plant made a mistake in the pressing by cutting Goodbye 20th Century short. No one knew until last saturday (a few days ago). The first chance to talk with them was monday and we have a solution already. Full details will come soon. The pressing plant is repressing the disc, which will take a few weeks, to replace the faulty ones. We’re working out the best way to get these to people who bought the album with our distributor. No further copies will be sent to the retailers until they can have the faulty disc swapped out. All future stock will be changed in a few weeks to have corrected discs."

So we will be withholding the shipment of orders of the Automatic vinyl until we receive the replacement disc.

HOWEVER, if you are happy with the errored version, we are happy to send it to you right away; the rest of the vinyl looks and sounds perfectly great.
But we will then NOT be able to later send a replacement disc at our expense.
You are of course then welcome to pay for the additional shipping to get it sent later, or included in a subsequent order.



First time on vinyl (originally released 2011)!
Double vinyl with 2 bonus tracks.
Regular and special editions; the special edition has alternate cover artwork and clear vinyl, limited to 3000 copies worldwide.

Track Listing

Side A
1. On-Air
2. Space And Time
3. Resolution

Side B
1. Control
2. Goodbye 20th Century
3. Streamline

Side C
1. Gratitude
2. Nova
3. Photon

Side D
1. Radio
2. Gratitude (Live)
3. Space And Time (Single Edit)