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  • Velvet Acid Christ. Subconscious Landscapes. Vinyl.
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Velvet Acid Christ. Subconscious Landscapes. Vinyl.

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Product Description

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Densely layered, complex and atmospheric, Subconscious Landscapes sees Velvet Acid Christ pushing the boundaries further than ever. The act’s 16th studio album, the new record calls on influences in the ranges of Juno Reactor, Massive Attack, and Delerium. This album can be considered a natural progression from the hypnotic grooves of past VAC songs such as “Slut”. “Dilauded”, & “Ghost in the Circuit”. Subconscious Landscapes seems to flow between two halves of an album, with the first four songs being highlighted by guest vocals from Sabine Theroni of Psykkle on “Barbed Wire Garden” and “Taste the Sin”, as well as Malgorzata Wacht on vocals for “Grey”. The second half, entitled “Mauvais” on side B of the vinyl version, takes a decidedly darker turn of sound. The new album also marks the first EVER vinyl release for Velvet Acid Christ.

Track Listing

Side A: Subconscious Landscapes:
A1 Barbed Wired Garden A2 Taste the Sin A3 Grey A4 The last Good Bye
Side B: Mauvais:
B1 Dire B2 Strychnine B3 Eye H8 U B4 Zalflex B5 Evil Toxin B6 Empusa