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Velvet Acid Christ. Calling ov the Dead (Re-Issue). CD.

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Product Description

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Considered one of Velvet Acid Christ’s pinnacle achievements, Calling ov the Dead is a masterful piece of brutal electro-industrial artistry. Originally released (but now out of print) on Pendragon Records, the album defined the late 90’s industrial sound - complete with movie samples. Not willing to let this epic die, Metropolis Records and Velvet Acid Christ proudly present the 2006 re-issue of Calling ov the Dead. Two unreleased bonus remixes accompany the re-mastered 11 original tracks to create a release worthy of fans and newbies alike. Released on Metropolis Records and available on February 8th, 2005.<

Track Listing

01. Phucking Phreak
02. Malfunction
03. BSAT2
04. The Calling (Fuck Shit Motherfucker Mix)
05. The Dead (Death Wish Mix)
06. Timeless Visions
07. Pray For Life
08. Exquisite Stench
09. The Hand (Violent Trance Mix)
10. ZixZixZix (666 mix)
11. Decay
12. The Hand (gut Cheek remix by Disease Factory)
13. BSAT2 (Polymorphix a theme to a visual epic by Bryan Erickson and Todd Loomis)