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  • Various. Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard.

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Various. The Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard. CD.

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"Move Over, Monster Mash! This album is the perfect way to kick off your Halloween celebrations this year! Featuring a dozen gothic, horror, and electronic bands from around the world and artwork by Chris Hastings (Dr.McNinja), the Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard makes a great gift for anyone (including yourself) who loves to rock out on All Hallows' Eve. CD & Colored Vinyl.

One of the real tracks of note on this release is "Skin" by Siiiii; this represents one of the first new studio releases by this UK goth bands since 1986, and until the release of their upcoming new album "Modern" will be exclusive to this compilation.

Track Listing

1. Finger Painted Death - Electro Wolfman (Feat. Alex Death)
2. Four Dimensional Nightmare - Cells
3. The STDs - Psychomania
4. Rachael Please - In the Arms of a Stranger
5. The Bubblechamber - Black Lemonade
6. What Army - Black House Anthem
7. Your Momma's Mouth - Little White Worm
8. Darkness Visible - Darkness Visible (2010)
9. Siiiii - Skin
10. The Muddlestuds - Atomico Hombre Lobo
11. Stillborn Diz - My Scarlett, My Betty
12. The Kill Crazies - Black Candle