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  • Various. Recovery >For You< - an Alfa Matrix Tribute to FRONT 242. 2CD Boxset.
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Various. Recovery >For You< - an Alfa Matrix Tribute to FRONT 242. 2CD Boxset.


Product Description

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With “recovery >for you<,” the Alfa Matrix label is closing this double-celebration year 2016 in beauty. For its 15th anniversary, the Belgian record label also celebrated in many ways the 35 years of existence of FRONT 242.

Pioneers… Artists who reached such an elite level. FRONT 242 have always had a vision of the future. For the last 35 years, they have showed us what could be possible with gear, human imagination, creativity, working to bend instruments far away from of their intended purpose. Since day one, FRONT 242 have always been employing the use of the most current technology available to keep their music fresh, ground breaking and up to date, non-stop pushing their sound to its logical extreme. Their unique signature sound turned the group into a major driving force of electronic music for the many years to follow. What would electronic industrial music be without FRONT 242? Is it fair to say that many modern electro bands have a little FRONT 242 DNA? Are we all descendants?

With the most upmost respect, the Alfa Matrix label family decided to close this birthday year in beauty by paying homage to this living legend. 32 label bands each covering one song from FRONT 242’s impressive music repertoire, an influential work of pioneering electronic mastery on which creativity has steadily and genuinely been abound. Picking songs from the full discography of the band, from “Geography” to “Pulse”, we can only attest how ear-challenging the band’s work has always been, constantly offering to us an inspiring look to the future of electronic music.

“Recovery >for you<” is an exclusive tribute collection of 32 songs reflecting the Alfa Matrix band roster’s high diversity. Besides solid remakes by other pure EBM heroes like ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, ELM, KANT KINO or yet the label’s new signing AD:KEY, we also see the harsher dark elektro clan attacking the F242 repertoire with figures like ALIEN VAMPIRES, CIRCUITO CERRADO vs. C-LEKKTOR, VENAL FLESH, ACYLUM, AVARICE IN AUDIO and TOTEM OBSCURA. Other female fronted acts like HELALYN FLOWERS and SIN.SIN both bring more tortured electric moments just like Norway’s ESSENCE OF MIND. From the minimal percolating bleeps of electronic acts like METROLAND, NÖVÖ or yet ELEKTROKLÄNGE to the more upbeat industrial techno dance tunes of KOMOR KOMMANDO, AYRIA, IMPLANT, NEIKKA RPM, XMH, AESTHETISCHE or yet the dance pop of Honk-Kong duo COSMIC ARMCHAIR. Besides lush noir synth pop reworks by TECHNOIR, DIFFUZION, REGENERATOR and IMJUDAS (the impressive new project of Maxx from HELALYN FLOWERS), and icy modern elektro covers by THE PSYCHIC FORCE and other LLUMEN, while SAR INDUSTRY and SCHWARZBLUT add a more gothic oriented touch to the compilation.
Simply join the rhythm and enjoy these cover versions giving an all new sonic and emotional dimension to these FRONT 242 classic tunes including amongst others “Headhunter”, “Happiness”, “Lovely Day”, “U-men”, “Commando Mix”, “Masterhit”, “No Shuffle”, “Tragedy for You”, “Take One”, “Funkhadafi”, “Moldavia”, “Operating Tracks”, “Don’t Crash”, “Body To Body”, “Welcome To Paradise”, and many more! Listen carefully…

Happy birthday to FRONT 242! Let us celebrate these anniversary moments together…

Track Listing

01. METROLAND . commando mix
02. KOMOR KOMMANDO . moldavia
03. AD:KEY . kampfbereit
05. IMJUDAS . don’t crash
06. SIN.SIN . loud
07. COSMIC ARMCHAIR . work 242
08. NEIKKA RPM . body to body
09. ALIEN VAMPIRES . happiness
10. AYRIA . headhunter
11. IMPLANT . lovely day
12. AVARICE IN AUDIO . welcome to paradise
13. ACYLUM . serial killers don’t kill their girlfriend
14. SCHWARZBLUT . im rhythmus bleiben
15. STAR INDUSTRY . tragedy for you
16. REGENERATOR . religion

01. ELEKTROKLÄNGE . funkahdafi
02. ELM . operating tracks
03. KANT KINO . no shuffle
04. TECHNOIR . circling overland
05. DIFFUZION . masterhit
06. AESTHETISCHE . take one
07. CIRCUITO CERRADO vs. C-LEKKTOR . moldavia/neurobashing
08. NÖVÖ . kinetics
09. TOTEM OBSCURA . crapage
10. VENAL FLESH feat. Chase Dobson . gripped by fear
11. LLUMEN . u-men
12. THE PSYCHIC FORCE . felines
14. ESSENCE OF MIND . animal
15. ARMAGEDDON DILDOS . never stop
16. XMH . neurobashing