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Various. Heresy: A Tribute To Rational Youth. 3LP Vinyl + 2CD.

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Product Description

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Cold War Night Life announces the release of Heresy – A Tribute to Rational Youth. Featuring 19 artists from six countries, Heresy reinterprets the legendary electronic group’s best loved songs across three vinyl records packaged in a double gatefold sleeve.

Rational Youth formed in 1980 as Canada’s first synth act. Like Depeche Mode and John Foxx in the UK, they were inspired by Kraftwerk but made their own, unique sounds. They were recently cited as a favourite by Phil King of Lush, and they are cult heroes among electronic musicians and fans of synthpop worldwide. Their underground hit, “Dancing on the Berlin Wall,” is famous for having anticipated the events of 1989 years in advance.

Contributors to Heresy include familiar faces from the electronic music scene: Robert Enforsen (Elegant Machinery), Psyche, Parralox and Machinista are all present. Two former members of Rational Youth, Kevin Komoda (Rekk) and Dave Rout (Datafreq/The Beautiful Spies), have provided reboots of classic tracks.

Rational Youth also feature on Heresy. “This Side of the Border,” a track from their recent EP, Future Past Tense, appears on 45 rpm vinyl for the first time.

No digital download is available, and the full album will not appear on any streaming service – Heresy is being released as a physical product only. The limited edition package includes 2 LPs in heavy-grade 180gm vinyl, a 12” single (also in 180gm vinyl), and 2 CDs with all of the vinyl content.

Product Videos

Rational Youth - This Side Of The Border (03:45)
Official Video produced and directed in Iceland by Kenneth Balys. To purchase this track: https://rationalyouth.bandcamp.com/track/this-side-of-the-border
  • Rational Youth...
    Official Video produced and directed in Iceland by Kenneth Bal...

Track Listing

A1 Candide - City Of Night (CET Mix) 4:25
A2 Rossetti's Compass - Coboloid Race 6:56
A3 Johan Baeckström - Saturdays In Silesia 4:38
A4 Independent State - Beware The Fly 3:29
B1 John Costello - Holiday In Bangkok (Direkt Mix) 5:45
B2 Diskodiktator - Talk To Me (I'm Only Human) 4:52
B3 Psyche - Ring The Bells 5:24
B4 Den Där Killen - In Your Eyes 3:10
C1 Rational Youth - This Side Of The Border 3:45
C2 Datafreq VS The Beautiful Spies - Everything Is Vapour (Future Spies Mix) 6:20
D1 Rekk Feat. Robert Enforsen And Karin My - The Man in Grey 8:01
E1 Kord Feat. Annie Gylling - Dancing On The Berlin Wall (Propelling Mix) 4:32
E2 Procedure - Close To Nature (No TDM Mix) 4:27
E3 Parralox - I Want To See The Light 6:26
E4 Project Grudge - Beware The Fly 4:43
F1 Machinista - City of Night 4:11
F2 Technomancer Feat. Angst Pop - I've Got A Sister In The Navy 4:13
F3 Touching The Void - Ring The Bells 5:17
F4 Mars TV Feat. Robert Enforsen And Karin My - Just A Sound In The Night 5:42

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