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  • Various. Future Past. 7" Vinyl.

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Various. Future Past. 7" Vinyl.

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When Andreas and Dave got together in 1985, in a basement in St. Catharines, Ontario, not only did they start Techniques Berlin, but they also started their own label, Bombshelter Productions. While the idea behind it was to have an outlet for their music, they would soon branch out into other bands. The focus of creating New Wave and Synthpop, was soon merged into a visual aesthetic that would be easily identified by record shoppers and concert goers. Little would they have guessed that their work would still be in high demand by collectors, and heavy rotation in clubs around the world thirty years later. To celebrate the anniversary of its founding, Bombshelter Productions is proud to announce the release of Future Past, a 4 song 7” ep. Its Past is represented by two of its earliest bands, Techniques Berlin and Methods of Dance. A glimpse into The Future is provided by two current projects, The Beautiful Spies and Agents in Infrared. What ties all these projects together is a love of creating New Wave and Minimal Synthpop, motivated by fans both new and old, who have revived the popularity of the bands as well as the genre.  

Track Listing

1. The Beautiful Spies – Bright Light
2. Agents in Infrared – Asleep for Years
3. Techniques Berlin – And You (Edit)
4. Methods of Dance – Dancing in Berlin