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  • Various. Bhreus Kormo. CD.

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Various. Bhreus Kormo. CD.

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A benefit compilation where funds went to Chicago-based Howard Brown Health Center's breast cancer research. Includes notes about the study and a self-inspection shower card.

Track Listing

1 Brutum Fulmen - Before The Invention Of The Nose Hair Tweezer
2 Coeurl - Nothing, But A Certain Palpable Numbness
3 irr. app. (ext.) - To Bdelugma Tes Eremoseos (Part IV)
4 Joshua Norton Cabal - Saboteur Of Sleep And Sanity
5 Seam Pith - Tube Within A Tube (Edit)
6 Negative Entropy - Wavelength Of Absorption
7 The Bran (Another Plight Of Medic's...) Pos - I Have Poor Posture (Trying To Correct It, But, You Know... Habits)
8 Seafoam - Bitte
9 Vertonen - Moire
10 Skin Crime -Cursed
11 John Wiese - Departure Terminal