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  • Various. Amphi Festival 2016. CD.
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Various. Amphi Festival 2016. CD.


Product Description

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The Amphi Festival, which takes place every summer in Cologne, is one of the most popular scene-related events in Europe. The official compilation for 2016 yet again features an expert selection of this year's most important bands with their best new songs or greatest hits at a bargain price.   Right on time for this year's instalment of Amphi Festival, which takes place on July 23rd and 24h, 2016, Out Of Line Music is presenting the official festival CD release. This year's festival yet again features a classy array of popular Gothic- and Electro-scene-related acts and the “Amphi Festival 2016”-compilation features a versatile selection of the best performing bands that includes everything from big names to promising new faces. With Editors, Blutengel, Joachim Witt, Mono Inc., Suicide Commando, Project Pitchfork, Solar Fake, Solitary Experiments, OST+FRONT, Dive, Unzucht, Spiritual Front, Mantus, L'Ame Immortelle, Angels & Agony and many more, all featured with current hits or classic tunes, the compilation features an excellent overview of this year's line-up. Sporting 17 tracks on a jam-packed disc, the official “Amphi Festival 2016”-CD is the ideal festival-companion and souvenir, as well as one of the best and most versatile compilations to come out of the scene, all year. A must-own for anyone interested in Electro, Gothic or related music.

Product Videos

Amphi Festival 2016 - Amphi Kommt Nach Hause (01:12)
Amphi Festival 2016 23. & 24.07. Tanzbrunnen Cologne EDITORS | PROJECT PITCHFORK | BLUTENGEL | COVENANT | TARJA | MONO INC. | FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY & many many more... Info: www.amphi-festival.de | www.facebook.com/amphifestival Tickets: www.amphi-shop.de
  • Amphi Festival...
    Amphi Festival 2016 23. & 24.07. Tanzbrunnen Cologne EDITORS ...

Track Listing

1. Editors "Life Is Fear"
2. Blutengel "Spiegel"(Reworked)
3. Project Pitchfork "Rain" (Remastered)
4. Solitary Experiments "Steering Wheel"
5. Ost+Front "Afrika"
6. Unzucht "Kettenhund"
7. Mono Inc. "Heile, Heile Segen" (Live)
8. Suicide Commando "My Blasphemy"
9. Cryo "Shelter"
10. Dive "Two Faced Man"
11. Spetsnaz "Free Fall"
12. Spiritual Front "Children of the Black Light"
13. Solar Fake "All the things you say"
14. Angels & Agony "The Road Not Taken"
15. Joachim Witt "Ohne Dich"
16. Mantus "Zwischen den N├Ąchten"
17. L'ame Immortelle "Bitterkeit" (Re-Mastered)

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