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  • Unzucht. Neuntoter. 2CD.
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Unzucht. Neuntoter. 2CD.


Product Description

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The “Neuntöter”-bird (Engl.=red-backed shrike) is a deceiver. By outward appearance a harmless looking bird of extraordinary beauty, it reveals itself as a merciless killer which impales its victims on thorns before devouring them. Choosing this fascinating creature as the titular beast for Unzucht's new album clearly was a deliberate choice by the band and charismatic front man Daniel Schulz, as many of the songs also tend to similarly reveal hidden sides. At first, the group's Dark rock anthems tend to ingrain themselves deeply in the listener's ear, only to unexpectedly reveal a spiky thorn that is rammed straight into the heart. This can happen in form of sudden, outright Metal-outbursts that relentlessly smash the dark harmonies to pieces with blasting drum-beats and harsh shouts... or in form of the painfully honest German-language lyrics that do not shy away from going where it hurts to then delve yet a bit deeper in order to deliver the final sting. After each descent into inferno, Unzucht draw the listener back in with another addictive melody, only to start the lethal game of the red-backed-shrike again.

Track Listing

01 Der dunkle See
02 Widerstand
03 Lava
04 Kettenhund
05 Hinter Glas
06 Ein Wort fliegt wie ein Stein
07 Judas
08 Neuntöter
09 Schlaf
10 Piotrek
11 Splitter

01 Parasomnia
02 Tränenmeer
03 Das Lächeln der Gewinner
04 Widerstand feat. Dave Grunewald (Annisokay)
05 Ein Wort fliegt wie ein Stein feat. Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost)
06 Ein Tag wie jeder andere (Robert Andrew Bowman Remix)

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