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  • Unit:187. Transfusion. CD.

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Unit:187. Transfusion. CD.

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Product Description

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On the tails of Unit:187’s recent album Out for Blood comes the companion remix album, Transfusion. Geared for the dance floors, it offers multiple energetic reworkings of the hits from the studio album by remixers such as Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, 16Volt, and Mindless Faith.

Track Listing

Rolling Vengeance -RMX HiWatt Marshall & Cevin Key of Skinny Puppy
Threatened -RMX Rom Diprisco (Video Game Music God - Unreal / Mass Effect 2)
Sick Obsession -RMX Stiff Valentine
Blood For Blood
Threatened -RMX Craig Johnsen and Jared Slingerland of Frontline Assembly
Living To Die -RMX Necrotek
DDD -RMX Ivardensphere
Rolling Vengeance - remix by Code Blue
Kurva -RMX 16 Volt
Rolling Vengeance -RMX Deathproof
DDD -RMX Witchmaker
Threatened (End Threat) -RMX Cyanotic
Rolling Vengeance -RMX Mindless Faith
Threatened -RMX Mono-Amine