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  • Twice a Man. Presence. Vinyl+CD.

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Twice a Man. Presence. Vinyl+CD.

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Legendary Swedish electronic pioneers Twice a Man return with their first ‘pop’album since ‘Icicles’ (2010), feat. for the first time since 1986 Jocke Söderqvist back in the re-united line-up! The hooks and melodies are back on this definitely darker and harder album, yet based more on classic song writing! ‘Presence’ also features Karin My (Coph Nia, Hype, Carbon based Life Forms...) on 3 tracks! In 2014 the band celebrated the 30th anniversary of the album “From a Northern Shore”. By bringing back Jocke Söderqvist on stage they ensured the anniversary gigs were very memorable for the fans. The gigs were also memorable for the band, as the creative chemistry in the reunited trio was still present. Almost inevitably the gentlemen ended up writing new songs together, for the first time since the mid-eighties. The nine tracks that made the cut were all conceived and pre-produced at the bands studio/rehearsal area on the Swedish west coast. Final production took place on the east coast, reasonably close to Stockholm, where old analogue equipment was dusted off to provide the broken, organic and harsh vibe needed to match the theme of the album.

Track Listing

01 A Time of Terror
02 Here comes the Rain
03 A World is Gone
04 Black
05 Lines (CD only)
06 Presence
07 Kick the Earthdrum
08 Universal Stream
09 High in the Clouds