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  • Tsuyoshi Domoto. Nippon. CD.

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Tsuyoshi Domoto. Nippon. CD.

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‘Nippon’ is the first album on Gan-Shin by the outstanding artist and Japanese idol. The career of Tsuyoshi Domoto started early at the age of 12 and in the following years he gained an impeccable reputation for his numerous successes as singer-songwriter, actor and even author. In 2002 he started his solo career, quickly building on previous successes with various top ten chart entries, composing all tracks and writing all lyrics by himself. His exceptional musical talent is noticeable everywhere and anytime, mixing funk and blues influences with traditional Japanese sounds. The musical blend of two different worlds coming along with his impressive voice is of course the reason why ‘NIPPON’ is an extraordinary experience for lovers of sophisticated music. The CD comes with a second booklet with English, French and German translations.

Track Listing

01 My beautiful Sky
02 The Sky is shedding Tears
03 Nippon
04 Blue Berry -NARA Fun9 Style
05 Chance comes knocking
06 Endlicheri Endlicheri
07 Time and Space
08 Love is the Key
09 Yoshino Cherry
10 Help Me Help Me…
11 Cherish our Fate with others