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  • Trobar de Morte. Fairydust. 2CD.
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Trobar de Morte. Fairydust. 2CD.


Product Description

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Finally re-released, Trobar de Morte’s 2nd album from 2005! Re-print as double-CD, limited to 500! This is a re-print of the 2011 re-release. All tracks remastered + coming with live bonus cd with tracks from WAVE GOTHIK TREFFEN and ENTREMURALHAS FESTIVAL... 

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Trobar de Morte - Ordo Militum Christi [09] Fairydust (03:46)
Trobar de Morte - Fairydust (2005)
  • Trobar de Mort...
    Trobar de Morte - Fairydust (2005)

Track Listing

01 El Vals de las Hadas de Otoño
02 Natural Dance
03 When the Night falls
04 Los Duendes del Reloj
05 Cuncti Simus Concanentes
06 La Princesa Dolça de Provença
07 Ailein Duinn
08 The deadly Embrace of Love
09 Ordo Militum Christi
10 Las Puertas del Cielo
11 Requiem
12 A Fairies Song
13 When the Spirits sing

‘Entremuralhas Festival 2011’:
01 Beyond the Woods
02 Los Duendes del Reloj
03 Aqualuna
‘WGT 2011’:
04 Excalibur
05 Cuncti Simus Concanentes
06 Natural Dance
07 Ordo Militum Christi
08 Talisman
09 The Sorceress
10 Ancient Echoes