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  • Totakeke. Digital Exorcist. CD.

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Totakeke. Digital Exorcist. CD.

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Totakeke marks 10 years of noise-making with his fifth LP ‘Digital Exorcist‘. Remaining true to form, Totakeke unleashes a gripping barrage of complex rhythmic noise punctuated by head-nodding, hard-nosed beats, stabbing glitch, and taut synthlines. An intricate torrent of richly-layered sounds that swell and retract, guiding the listener through an intricate universe of twisted and unyielding futuristic clamor. Heavy atmospheres and anguished melodies wrap a tight mosaic of sound as massive beats and cultivated noise punctuate the contrasting depths of entreating adrenaline and cerebral exploration.

Track Listing

Digital Exorcism I (It All Seemed Harmless)
Virtual Intelligence
Where The Machine Begins
Digital Exorcism II (Virus With A Face)
Man’s Reach Exceeds His Grasp
Victory Without Casualties
Digital Exorcism III (Absolution)