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  • Tomas Phillips & Luigi Turra. Vignettes Amplifie.
  • Tomas Phillips & Luigi Turra. Vignettes Amplifie.

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Tomas Phillips & Luigi Turra. Vignettes Amplifie. CD.

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The first ever collaboration between prolific american composer Tomas Phillips and prominent italian newcomer Luigi Turra, "Vignettes Amplifie" presents a sequence of subtle sound constructions characterized by minimalistic and contemplative approach. Quiet field recordings, soft acoustic sounds and organic electronic arrangements builds panoramic view on two levels. The acoustic gestures like bells, manipulated objects and drone fragments are coming from silence and disappearing after some time. On the other hand, there is a kind of reflection of these sonic events in the background, muted and abstracted, hiding from your ears. But these microscopic sounds, short and forgetful, seems to be the main part of the whole thing - when you are trying to trace them down, to catch your attention, and to understand the aesthetical value of this music. Shy and confused, these sounds represents the soul of this music, but in fact they are just grow and fade away like the autumn rain. This album will teach you how to turn your mind into ears, hunting for every little susurration in total silence.

Track Listing

I Vignette 14:00
II Vignette 11:06
III Vignette 14:02