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  • THX. New World Order. CD.
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THX. New World Order. CD.


Product Description

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After the release of classical tunes by Front Line Assembly, Pankow, The Weathermen, Tribantura, X Marks the Pedwalk or A;Grumh.., just to name a few, Infacted Recordings continues it’s classics collection series with it's 37th edition! A lot of the so far released classic tunes are already completely sold out! ‘THX’ is the brainchild of sound wizard Peter Schmidt and well known electronic/techno producer Andy Düx (e.g. Yoyou, Overdrive rec.). the fomer animalized/spv recordings artists re-releases all it’s historical fourteen songs on one limited compact disc. The long deleted releases such as ‘Living in Purgatory’ (album) or the vinyl-singles ‘Luv’n’trust’ and ‘Holy City Zoo’ are searched for collectors items and have been real dance floor hits in the ebm/electro clubs back in the 90s. The songs have again been massively remastered by Guido Fricke of Audion-x! Be fast, the cd is again strictly limited!

Track Listing

1. New World Order 05:13
2. Sedation 05:47
3. Holy City Zoo 05:33
4. Luv'n'Trust 05:56
5. The Right To Die 03:37
6. The Face Of Fear 03:55
7. To Travel 04:56
8. Love Lost 03:39
9. Luv'n'Trust (Devon Mix) 04:13
10. Holy City Zoo (Tel Aviv Mix) 05:44
11. To Travel (Immortal Mix) 06:00
12. Luv'n'Trust (Trustworthy Mix) 07:20
13. Sedation (Call 3 4 8) (Euthanasia Mix) 05:45
14. To Travel (Acapella Mix) 02:45