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  • Thorofon. Roots. CD.
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Thorofon. Roots. CD.

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Product Description

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In 1996, Thorofon was launched and has grown to become one of the most remarkable projects in the German power noise / industrial movement, and with its 20th anniversary on the horizon, the time has come to present an exceptional celebratory release for the constant and faithful listeners all around the globe. The main components of 'roots' are archival ones from the last two decades, featuring unreleased material and compilation tracks as well as technically updated reinterpretations of past sonic assaults, a fact which is hard to believe while listening to this monolithic release. It succeeds in turning the past into the present in a most astounding way. 'roots' skillfully combines the brightness and wide palate of today's recording possibilities with the oppressive darkness of a bygone musical era including frozen surgical ambiance, unsettling canalized noise and distorted, straight rhythmic sequences. The ingredients of vintage industrial music, cold power electronics and menacing electronic body music coalesce in a most perfect way - a trademark Thorofon has been well-known for throughout the last two decades. Far from being nostalgic Thorofon return to their roots - just to start over again. Stay tuned!

Track Listing

1. your masked god
2. cold fever
3. mafia murder victim
4. frosty smile
5. sick mode
6. don't wake up
7. klean
8. nothing remains
9. lsd attack
10. in blood and heels
11. anti savak
12. roots
13. stone against head

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