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This Morn' Omina. Les Passages Jumeaux: Le 25ieme Degre ~ Le 33ieme Degre. 2CD.

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this is nyan II.

::all movement remains chaos::

les passages jumeaux shows only one of the possible ways to reach a state of
mind and body where no more opposites are into play. (the figure of the
‘doublelionrouti’ is a physical representation of this.)
drawing on the premise that every path has the same destination there cannot be
any conflicts by/through/of existence.

this release is the result of the unification of opposites (or whatever is
thought of as opposite at first sight – as “discussed” on le serpent blanc ~ le
serpent rouge – it will show as ‘identical’ after deeper insight has developed)

les passages jumeaux is about unity of a glimpse for the unattentive and a
deeper realm for the astute. joining is the necessary step towards final

(which is perhaps shown most obviously by sal-Ocin now being a full-time member)

although Carroll’s ‘not thinking’ is also basic premise so is it’s logical
extention: ‘not understanding’ through the sensation caused by the dizzyness of
holding your breath longer than your physical entity allows.

do not be misguided by the 'superficial' reference of the 'degrees' as whatever
‘classification’ is referred to is irrelevant. what the 'mirror' reflects is
essentially the same even though our mind tricks us and tells us it is another
image a 'mirror-image'

let les passages jumeaux engulf you like a wave as lengthy discussions will soon
prove to be futile and inapt -simply because it is the inherent to the concept
of language- but mainly because the subliminal cannot be explained, it can only
be used as a catalyst.

::go naked for a sign on the tin::

released on ant-zen and available april 28th, 2006.

Track Listing

> 25°: tenet(s) of on - ma/i/nomai - taninim - doublelionrouti - naasseni -(the) world tree - tsidii ~ aemae/ea/th
> 33°: eleggua - osain - agayu - osun - yemaya/olokun - ibedyi ~ oddua~