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  • This Morn' Omina. Kundalini Rising. 2CD.
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This Morn' Omina. Kundalini Rising. 2CD.


Product Description

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Born in silence, coiling out of the shadows, and spitting like the cobra, comes Kundalini Rising, the 9th album from This Morn’ Omina. A primal shriek from across the weeping wasteland, from the well of the ancients to the modern urban primitive, hailing for the violent awakening of a world asleep. As art is the decoration of space, music is the decoration of time, and its source, the energy of Kundalini demands to be shaken loose from the prison of intellect by the drive of a forcing beat. In the twirl of a Dervish, the spin of a Sufi, the euphoria beyond the drudge is yours to grasp. We beckon you, the listener, to travel with us through realms past, present, and yet to come, through the darkness and the light, to celebrate the dance of creation on our souls’ journey without end. The Kundalini is always within us, endlessly striving and seeking to transform, the base to gold, mediocrity to greatness. Raise your eyes to the ecstasy that resides beyond the doubt. Do you not know you are Gods? 

Track Listing

Disc 1
1. Ayahuasca (Lets Shift together)
2. Tir Na Nog
3. Hadji Hadja
4. Yugan (feat. Catastrophe Noise)
5. Garuda Vimana
6. (The) Waters Of Duat
7. Earthwalk
8. Maenad

Disc 2
1. God's Zoo (Original)
2. The Apotheosis Of Eckhart
3. Graveheart
4. Mohenjo daro
5. Kachina Blue (The Watcher)
6. Kachina Red (The End Of The World)
7. Shakti
8. Moksha

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