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The Top 10 Reasons to attend Kinetik 5.5


10. This year's festival is a short walk from Schwartz's, probably the best deli restaurant in the world.

9. The Kinetik Festival compilation will be on sale for only five bucks.

8. A smaller festival is a more intimate festival. Think Prince small shows, but with Suicide Commando.

7. Kinetik side-event! Our friends at Plastic Wrap have organized a Bazaar of the Bizarre parallel with the festival. We highly recommend you check it out!

6. Suicide Commando does a special 2 hour set on the Friday.

5. More woman musicians you say? Ayria, Tonikom, Decoded Feedback...

4. More Canadian musicians you say? Displacer, Nitro/Noise, DYM, Encephalon...

3. This year, Storming the Base is bringing EVEN MORE vinyl than in previous years. SHIT LOADS OF 12" WICKEDNESS.

2. All the Montreal museums will be FREE on the Sunday. Amazing opportunity to experience culture!

1. Honestly, the coolest t-shirt ever will be on sale there. JUST GO GODDAMIT!