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  • The Spoiled. Broken Spine. CD.
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The Spoiled. Broken Spine. CD.


Product Description

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The Spoiled is an Italian solo project founded in late 2015 by main producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Giovanni Santolla. Its musical framework is a mosaic of darkwave, noise rock, dark ambient and industrial combined with a deep love for surrealist and horror movies and Decadent literature.  Glacial drum machines, tribal percussions, chorused basses, distorted synths and ethereal vocals portray a claustrophobic yet melancholic journey through the deepest and darkest feelings of human being.

Track Listing

01 Eve
02 Closure
03 Wish House
04 Empty Stations
05 Bound in Heaven
06 Romantic Nightmare
07 When Sheep stop dreaming
08 Until we fall apart
09 I am Void
10 Parasite
11 Samael
12 Moth