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  • The Skinflicks. Steel-Toe Anthems. 10" Vinyl + CD.

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The Skinflicks. Steel-Toe Anthems. 10" Vinyl + CD.

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The long awaited official release of the band’s first actual studio recordings!

Blue 100g 10" vinyl
High quality, super-audiophile disc – German pressing!
Sturdy cardboard sleeve
Reverse board printed cover
Printed inner sleeve, Printed vinyl labels
Inner sleeve made from special untreated paper
Jerome Reuter’s [ROME] first band!
CD containing all songs of the mini album
Limited to 500 copies

In March 2000, after a few changes in their line-up and a few years of playing small bar shows in and around Luxembourg, The Skinflicks moved on to proper things with recording their now legendary demo STEEL-TOE ANTHEMS. It was a beer-fueled period in the lads' lives, so the memories are kind of blurry. The recordings were done at a long since defunct studio in Schifflange, southern Luxembourg. The studio engineer whose name escapes those involved, was a last minute replacement and the poor guy didn't really know how to work the desk alone - it was his first day at that particular studio, as far as can be remembered. It was a Sunday and the owner of the studio probably didn't care whether this bunch of short-cropped teens would get anything done or not. To make things worse, Jerome came down with a feverish cold the day before and would have prefered to stay in bed, as his throat was still quite a mess when he showed up at the studio.

However, the results were fine, considering the circumstances, and in fact the band managed to catch their raw and in-yer-face live sound quite well. The EQ is all over the place, with rides sounding like crash cymbals, the guitar and bass fused on one single track to sound like a pile of mud and the backings have way too much shimmery reverb... and the fact that the singer only had half a voice didn't really help either. But it's as raw and honest as you will ever hear The Skinflicks. In fact, it's probably their best recording, as far as attitude goes.

This is a piece of Oi! history, with some of these songs being covered by Oi-bands from all over the globe to this day. The band only handmade about 300 CDR copies at the time. This is the first time these tracks have been officially released in their entirety.

 Trisol is proud to present these legendary recordings in a strictly limited edition of blue 10" vinyl. The sleeve features a collage of many unreleased period live photographs.

Product Videos

The Skinflicks - Stick Your Disco Up Yer Arse (02:55)
Oi!, Album: Steeltoe Anthems
  • The Skinflicks...
    Oi!, Album: Steeltoe Anthems

Track Listing

A1 Skinhead A2 Stick yer Disco up yer Arse! A3 Kings without a Crown

B1 One-Track Mind B2 Smash the Love Parade B3 Shiny Faces

Tracks CD:
01 Skinhead 02 Stick yer Disco up yer Arse! 03 Kings without a Crown 04 One-Track Mind 05 Smash the Love Parade 06 Shiny Faces