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  • The Mo. Night At The Zoo. CD.

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The Mo. Night At The Zoo. CD.

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This Swedish rock/pop-act possesses an overwhelming amount of confidence and charisma. Their truly solid pop songs are created under the influence of songwriter and front man Nicko. He grew up during the late seventies and the early eighties and this laid the foundation for what The Mo is today. It´s pop tainted by heavy metal clichs, punk and disco beats that makes you want to dance. All this performed with a confidence that captures your body, sends your imagination around the world and puts a smile on your lips. The thing that stands out, that is unique for the band, is the piano riffing of the pianist Ricky. This distinctive sound is a telltale sign of the band. Combined with true power and stability from drummer Otto and bass player Dixa this colorful pop band is complete. They are already a huge success in their homeland and are ready for their international breakthrough. You really should see this to be able to understand that special Mo-live feeling. It´s all about joy, energy and sweat. But most of all it´s the magic that happens in the interaction with the audience. Night At The Zoo is The Mo's new album, and it's one of the best pop records we've ever heard. Released on National.

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The Mo -- Nostalgia Locomotiv (03:54)
The Mo -- Nostalgia Locomotiv
  • The Mo -- Nost...
    The Mo -- Nostalgia Locomotiv