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  • The Legendary Pink Dots. The Maria Sessions. 2LP Vinyl.

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The Legendary Pink Dots. The Maria Sessions. 2LP Vinyl.

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Summer of 1990 was glorious. The Dots entered the studio on a high as "The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse" seemed to be embraced by a broad audience. "Our label "Play It Again Sam" had been generous with the budget for a new record, and there was a spirit of daring adventure firing up the band. For the first month we pretty much jammed…and Bob captured many of these sessions on a small tape recorder placed in the middle of the studio. Bob had dusted off his sitar, Niels unearthed his monstrous kettle drums, Phil surrounded himself with synths and samplers. If it hadn't been for the mosquitoes we might have played through the nights. Driving to the studio each day was a challenge in itself, as the last stretch was just dirt-track with huge potholes to navigate around. There were other obstacles too: sand drifts, Highland cattle that stubbornly blocked the path and Konik horses - partial to nibbling the plastic wing mirrors and rubber tires on Phil's car. But…most dangerous of all were the nature walkers - they would shake their fists and rant about it being a nature reserve, and that cars were not allowed (always choosing to ignore that one board which read "except for residents")." The albums are presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with tip-on printing, with lyrics, tracklist and band photo printed on the inner sleeves.

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The Legendary Pink Dots - Yogi Talks to Betty (04:47)
The Maria Sessions, Vol 2, 2013
  • The Legendary ...
    The Maria Sessions, Vol 2, 2013

Track Listing

A1. The Maria Sessions (Part One)

B1. The Maria Sessions (Part Two)
B2. The Maria Sessions (Part Three)
B3. The Maria Sessions (Part Four)

C1. Lysverket
C2. Yogi Talks To Betty
C3. 1001 Strings

D1. The Right Setting