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  • The Last Dance. Ruins. CD.
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The Last Dance. Ruins. CD.


Product Description

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The long awaited new album by the influential dark rock band. With many of the current crop of young goth and alternative bands being influenced by punk and metal, the TLD sound is fresher than ever. It starts with an aggressive core of soaring guitars, passionate vocals and a relentless driving rhythm section and adds additional instrumentation or electronic flourishes as needed for variety and "spice", but always remains true to the original post-punk spirit and influences that first brought these superb musicians together. The old saying "what goes around, comes around" is as true as ever and The Last Dance are ready to bring the new release Ruins and their unique brand of dark rock to the world stage.

Track Listing

01 Mesmerize
02 Missing
03 KatSong
04 Cages
05 Still
06 Edge of the World
07 Thoughtless
08 Scars
09 Everything that you wanted
10 Medicine
11 Rose
12 Still Waters
Bonus: 13 Desperately Still (Klonavenus Remix)