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  • The Juggernauts. ...Are Coming. CD.

The Juggernauts. ...Are Coming. CD.


Product Description

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Belgian band The Juggernauts (and half of THE KLINIK) is the most important rejuvenators of the classic Electronic Body Music sound. The debut album “The Juggernauts are coming” features club-compatible tunes built on a minimalist foundation of beats, sequencer and shouts.  Like the name-inspiring symbol for an unstoppable destructive force, the music of The Juggernauts blasts out of the speakers like an energetic stronghold of beats, bass and wrath. Few contemporary bands manage to channel the spirit of early EBM as brutally effective as the Belgian duo on its debut. Thudding drum machines and rumbling low frequencies accompany front man Borg while he shouts all the anger, cynicism and social criticism out of his system. While The Juggernauts share the spirit of bands like the early Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb, they never fall into the retro-trap, providing the prime father of underground dance music with a refreshingly harsh and modern approach. With songs like the tried and tested club-hit “Phoenix”, it is about time for a real renaissance of EBM. The Juggernauts are coming!

Track Listing

01 The Juggernauts are coming
02 Damaged illusions (V.2K16)
03 Plastic World
04 Drinking Blood
05 Phoenix (Extended / V.2K16)
06 Abyss
07 Infected (V.2K16)
08 Religion (V.2K16)
09 Purge
10 Follow