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  • The Horrorist. Fire Funmania. CD.

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The Horrorist. Fire Funmania. CD.

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Brand new album from The Horrorist!

"The Horrorist returns in 2013 with his 4th full length album! He goes back to his roots with 10 completely evil, wild, sex filled tracks. This is really dark, sick twisted material! Will be played at many afterparties! 10/10!!!" - Beatport.com

"This week’s pick comes from the electronic artist The Horrorist. His fourth album Fire Funmania is being released on Things To Come Records and it is wickedly dark and evil. Go into this album thinking The Horrorist is an artist first and a techno producer second, you will thank me." - Auxiliary Magazine (Mike Kieffer)

Product Videos

The Horrorist " The Man Master " (OFFICIAL Music Video ) (03:35)
The song takes you inside a world of gender bending and sexual domination. If you're a fan of early 80s new wave, synthpop and EBM I think you will love this one. Everything was recorded using real analog equipment. The main synth is an Analogue Solutions Telemark. The drums are Jomox Mbase, Mbrane and MFB-522. Everything was sequenced using a Doepfer Dark time. I was blown away by the Carretta & Workerpoor and Millimetric remixes. This is the second single from the upcoming album Fire Funmania. The music video was shot in Berlin.Concept ReveRsoFeat. the wonderful Mad kate.Hair and Make Up Michelle Baard2012.
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Track Listing

1. Enter the Sex Game
2. Kissing Anne
3. The Man Master
4. The Darkness That Was Meant to Be
5. Haywire
6. Heart of Steel
7. Starving for You
8. Kissing and Burning
9. Incredible
10. Take This Step