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  • The Gothsicles. Squid Icarus. CD.

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The Gothsicles. Squid Icarus. CD.

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Storied mutant miscreants of U.S. industrial. The Gothsicles return for their 4th album, a lovecraftian geek culture dance party entitled Squid Icarus. The new release offers 13 tracks from the scene's top producers, including Assemblage 23, Faderhead, Rotersand, Christ Analog, Mangadrive, The Dark Clan, CLTRSHFT, and Haujobb and with collaborations from Angelspit and Cyferdyne. It's four on the floor EBM for nerds. 

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The Gothsicles - Ultrasweaty (Official video) (04:14)
Gothsicles Squid Icarus available now! https://ngpofficial.bandcamp.com/album/squid-icarus Website: http://www.thegothsicles.com I'm sponsored by Brave Star Selvedge. They make awesome selvedge pants and other selvedge goods. I am dancing in a pair of Brave Star Selvedge Skeleton Skinny in this video. Website: http://bravestarselvage.com Tank9's http://www.facebook.com/Tank9Official https://twitter.com/TankNine
  • The Gothsicles...
    Gothsicles Squid Icarus available now! https://ngpofficial.ban...

Track Listing

01 Super Scary Action Figure (I Want To Eat Your Brain)
02 Drop Dead, Squid Face!
03 Ultrasweaty
04 I Sniffed the Glove (vs. Cyferdyne)
05 Give Me One More Chance to Get the High Score, Then We Can Go
06 Moon Knight Is Cool
07 Chip Replacement Surgery
08 Black T-Shirt (NIN Cover)
09 Sword Cane
10 Cthulhu Fhartwagon
11 Bloodlust Sofware Was Awesome
12 This Club Is Closed (feat. Anglespit)
13 Slime-Half
14 Riding Roller Coasters With Peter Spilles (Hidden Track))