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  • The Gothsicles. I Feel Sicle. CD.

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The Gothsicles. I Feel Sicle. CD.

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Product Description

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Witness the squidness as the unbanishable barnacles of industrial, Chicago's THE GOTHSICLES, return with their fifth and finest album of ichthyoid electronics and malevolent irreverence, I FEEL SICLE. Catch the electronic body magic, coming soon from Negative Gain Productions!

Track Listing

Unbekannt In Deutschland
4 Fat Guys
This Is What The Brujah Clan Will Do To All You Gangrels
Straight Up Otter Time
Magnetic Shield
Multi-Laired (feat. Toril Lindqvist of Alice in Videoland)
Sun Shy
+8 XP
Loktwarr Danalora
Mermaids vs. Manticores (feat. Sirenne)