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  • The Diodes. The Diodes. 4LP Vinyl + CD Boxset.
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The Diodes. The Diodes. 4LP Vinyl + CD Boxset.

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***NOTE this boxset contains the coloured vinyl of Release, Action/Reaction and Rarities. The self titled "The Diodes" record is the black vinyl due the coloured vinyl selling out.

Originally formed in 1976, The Diodes were the first Canadian punk band to be signed by a major label, and released three amazing punk-rock albums between 1977 and 1980, all of which are out of print on vinyl. This epic collection includes authorized and remastered reissues of the Diodes’ first three albums, The Diodes, Released, and Action/Reaction, as well as a fourth LP collecting rare tracks, out-takes, and collectors’ gems.

The artwork has been lovingly restored, and all the audio has been remastered. The boxset also includes a copy of the Rarities CD, which includes tracks that didn’t fit on the vinyl edition.

"If Canadians weren't listening, the rest of the world was -- copies of the [first] album made their way to both England and America, and the band wound up opening for some of the biggest names in the punk world shortly after that."
-Sean Carruthers, AllMusic

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The Diodes - Tired of Waking Up Tired (02:57)
From "The Diodes" - 1977
  • The Diodes - T...
    From "The Diodes" - 1977

Track Listing

4 vinyl LPs: The Diodes, Released, Action/Reaction, Rarities. Also includes a copy of Rarities on CD, with bonus tracks!