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  • The Diodes. Rarities. Test Pressing.
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The Diodes. Rarities. Test Pressing.

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Canadian punk rock history! This exclusive collection of rare Diodes tracks contains alt versions, demos, and archive treasures, including two versions of the band's hit Tired Of Waking Up Tired. The art direction and mastering process was overseen by the The Diodes, and the beautiful packaging collects rare photos from Ralph Alfonso and General Idea. An essential collection of one of Canada's best punk rock acts.

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The Diodes - Tired of Waking Up Tired (02:57)
From "The Diodes" - 1977
  • The Diodes - T...
    From "The Diodes" - 1977
  • The Diodes, 19...
    For the first time in 20 years, the original Diodes re-united ...

Track Listing

Side A
1. Parasite (1977 previously unreleased)
2. Curiosity Girl (1977 previously unreleased version)
3. Lawn Boy Lover (1977 previously unreleased)
4. Tired Of Waking Up Tired (original demo 1978)
5. Photographs From Mars (live at the Horseshoe June 7 1980)

Side B
1. Time Of Your Life (1978 previously unreleased)
2. That Was The Way It Was (Eastern Sound demo 1979)
3. Hot Sand (1981 remixed version 2017)
4. Tired Of Waking Up Tired (live on Open Mike with Mike
Bullard, Jan 22 1999)
5. Nowhere Fast (Aug 1977 Crash 'n' Burn demo)