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The Best of 2013



It's always a bit odd doing these year-end lists, because they seem a bit distorted. We deliberately disclude our own label releases (meaning we can't add Architect, AAIMON, The Exploding Boy, Ohm, Individual Totem, Rational Youth and many others we'd otherwise put on there), and we limit the list to releases that are actually available for sale in our shop. Keep it in the family! But also: keep it outside the family. It's a weird setup, but it's served us well over the years.
Here she be... with a few other top-2013 tidbits added for good fun.

1. Kite. V. CD.
2. New Model Army. Between Man & Wolf. CD.
3. The Neighbourhood. I Love You. CD.
4. Forest Swords. Engravings. CD.
5. Vanligt Folk. Vanligt Folk. Vinyl.
6. Pankow. And Shun The Cure They Most Desire. 2CD.
Cult Of Luna. Vertikal. CD. 
Army Of The Universe. The Hipster Sacrifice. CD. 
9. Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld. Still Smiling. CD. 
10. Grave Babies. Crusher. CD.
Spiritual Front. Open Wounds. 2CD Digibook. 
12. Noblesse Oblige. Affair Of The Heart. CD. 
13. Czar. No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive. CD. 
Apparat Organ Quartet. Polyfonia. CD. 
15. Klangstabil. Shadowboy. CD.


More fun:

Best releases that aren't available on Storming the Base.

Jacek's: Beastmilk Climax

Jeremy's: Tech N9ne Therapy: Sessions with Ross Robinson and Young Galaxy Ultramarine 

Best record label: Dais

Best live show.

Jacek's: Solstafir with Beastmilk, Tampere, Finland

Jeremy's: Legend, Calgary, Canada

Most looked-forward-to release, 2014.

Jacek's: Alcest Shelter

Jeremy's: Trust Joyland