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  • Terence Fixmer. Depth Charged. CD.
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Terence Fixmer. Depth Charged. CD.


Product Description

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Over the past 2 decades, Fixmer has continued to evolve as an artist while maintaining his influential stance in international electro culture. ‘Depth Charged’ is his most introspective album yet. With this 10-piece composition Fixmer is able to tell a story from start to finish, with powerful, deep, dark, pulsating tones that are essential to his musical approach. Depth Charged is a complete concept as Fixmer’s track arrangement takes the audience through various emotions illustrating how there is more to darkness than the dance floor. Passionate of profound mystifying tones that rise and fall, Depth Charged is the epitome of unique expressiveness for Terence Fixmer. With darkness as a companion, each track has come from deep inside the soul; uncompromised soundscapes that promote taking risks. Vinyl later on.

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Terence Fixmer - Pallid Light (Original Mix) [CLR] (04:54)
Buy : http://classic.beatport.com/release/depth-charged/1459065 Terence Fixmer : http://www.facebook.com/pages/terence-fixmer/12301954164 CLR : https://www.facebook.com/CLR.Official CLRCD014 Audio Quality : 128kbps If the copyright holders do not want this video to be on display, please send me a private message or email : prisoneer@ymail.com terence fixmer,depth charged,clr,clrcd014,terence fixmer depth charged clr clrcd014,terence fixmer - depth charged clr clrcd014,terence fixmer Pallid Light,terence fixmer - Pallid Light,
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Track Listing

01 Ellipse
02 Fleeting Beauty
03 Unforeseen
04 Purity
05 Inside of Me
06 Outside of Me
07 Beyond
08 Pallid Light
09 Thoughts
10 Elevation