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  • Technolorgy. Endtimes in Vogue [Endzeit edition]. 2CD.

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Technolorgy. Endtimes in Vogue [Endzeit edition]. 2CD.

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Product Description

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2CD jewelcase inside an outer O-Card. 12 pages booklet. Originally released in digipak at the tailend of 2012, this was Greek dark electro duo TECHNOLORGY’s debut. Accompanied by the original album as CD1, this 2CD re-release comes in a layout all painstakingly redesigned from previously unpublished photos and unused designs – and strictly limited to just 100 copies! Including 2 previously unreleased tracks and 7 previously unreleased remixes, this 27-track “2CD Endzeit Edition” can easily be described as more or less “the complete recorded works of TECHNOLORGY to date” – conveniently compiled into one highly limited collector’s item. 

Track Listing

Tracks CD1:
01 The coming Destruction
02 Devastator
03 Ecstasy for the Masses
04 Perverts and Whores
05 Place of Fear
06 Flesh and Metal
07 Erased
08 Cyber Sex
09 Hopeless
10 Fire Dance
11 Escape
12 Endtimes in Vogue
13 Hopeless (FGFC820 rmx)
14 Place of Fear (PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 rmx)
15 Escape (GRENDEL rmx)
01 Endtimes in Vogue (Endtimes In Club Version)
02 The Awakening
03 Escape v2.0 04 Devastator (VPROJEKT Version)
05 Firedance (RUINIZER rmx)
06 Escape (C-LEKKTOR rmx)
07 Cybersex (TERRORKODE rmx)
08 Place of Fear (HEADSHOCK rmx)
09 Perverts and Whores (STUDIO-X rmx)
10 Ecstasy for the Masses (SERAPHIM SYSTEM rmx)
11 Flesh and Metal (AKTIVEHATE rmx)
12 Perverts and Whores (CHAMAELEON rmx)