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  • Technolorgy. Dying Stars. CD.
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Technolorgy. Dying Stars. CD.


Product Description

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Released as the follow-up to 2013’s “Endtimes in Vogue”, technically “Dying Stars” is Technolorgy’s second album – yet in many ways it is their first. Where the debut was in many ways a compilation of tracks written individually and over several years, “Dying Stars” demonstrates the smooth conceptual feel of a record written to be heard as a whole – and steps away from the duo’s dark electro roots in a significantly synth-poppier direction. Limited first edition on CD, in 4-panel digipak with 6-panel lyric booklet and including 3 exclusive bonus remixes from Faderhead, Rotersand and CygnosiC. 

Track Listing

01 A Wish upon a dying Star
02 Celestial
03 Light in Darkness
04 Crestfallen
05 Waste of Skin (feat. AFTEREFFECT)
06 Separate Ways (Worlds apart)
07 Damsel in Distress
08 Xana
09 Cliche Catharsis
10 You're losing it
11 23
12 Calvary Bonus-Tracks:
13 Light in Darkness (FADERHEAD rmx)
14 Crestfallen (ROTERSAND rework)
15 Damsel In Distress (CYGNOSIC rmx)